Moulin Rouge National Tour 2024-2025: Tickets, Cities, Cast

Can you imagine the 10-time Tony Award-winning Parisian cabaret going on tour in North America and soon appearing at the most famous theatres in your city? A magnificent cast and crew, affordable tickets, a crazy set with magical energetic music – all this awaits you and your friends!

The inspired Moulin Rouge Tour is revived and opened every year in a new way, so if you have been a participant in it before, visiting it again will leave you with new impressions of an elegant and exciting cabaret. The charm, passion and fun of the show give you the opportunity to see a unique story!

Moulin Rouge National Tour

Audience reviews and articles about the grand show inspire us even more to visit the tour and see everything with our own eyes and give our feedback.

We have already bought cheap tickets to the Moulin Rouge 2024 – 2025 for this amazing show, but have you found yours?

Check out the list of cities and available tickets with the most convenient seats on our website and take care of your magical evening in the Parisian atmosphere at your home.

Moulin Rouge National Tour 2024-2025 – All About It

A journey alone or with your family into the magical French cabaret universe is finally possible in North America!
The Moulin Rouge National Tour invites you to Indianapolis, Louisville, Grand Rapids, Greensboro, New York and more. Choose a date, book your seat in the hall and open your heart to the incredible beauty of this show from the first minutes.

A diverse plot from the pirate theme to priestesses in temples with the most talented artists from around the world and stunning costumes will create an unforgettable extravaganza for the audience.
It’s been a long time since theatres have seen such a beautiful show with fierce energy, so enjoy the opportunity to see this premiere – Moulin Rouge the Musical!

Moulin Rouge Production, Music & Effects

The National Tour of Moulin Rouge! is a musical that combines music, theatre and dance aesthetics.
The story is based on the film directed by Baz Luhrmann and co-written by Baz Luhrmann, Kathryn Martin and Reg Sewert.

Special effects also play an impressive role in the atmosphere of the performance:

  • light supply, backlighting and spotlights of varying intensity to enhance the stage mood
  • pyrotechnic effects to enhance certain moments
  • virtual visual backgrounds to enhance the plot
  • audio effects to enhance events and emotionality

So as you can see, modern elements will update the classic plot and make the rooms exceptional!
Give yourself this experience and make one of your evenings unforgettable with Moulin Rouge the musical!

Moulin Rouge National Tour Tickets

Get ready to experience all the excitement and magic of Moulin Rouge! Buy tickets for the Moulin Rouge National Tour and experience an unforgettable journey into the world of the most famous French cabaret in America. We invite you to experience the legend of the 21st century, luxury and true musical euphoria! Get your Moulin Rouge tickets now and plunge into the world of exciting dances and unsurpassed art!

Moulin Rouge National Tour Cast & Creative

When it comes to a Moulin Rouge performance, you immediately understand that it is about high artistic standards, because the show is designed to impress the audience from the first to the last minute. Talented and passionate dancers undergo a rigorous selection process to join the troupe of a Parisian family, put on extravagant costumes and impress every spectator of the Moulin Rouge National Tour with their stage image!

Every day is spent preparing to perform for you. So you are guaranteed to get maximum energy from this event, which is created by many professionals: producer Jackie Clerico, director Doris Haug and Ruggero Angeletti, choreographer Bill Goodson, designer Corrado Collabucci and many others.

And this year, the sequin and rhinestone Moulin Rouge dance with pirouettes and twines celebrates its 135th anniversary!

Four spectacular scenes during the night of the performance, changing outfits up to 14 times will take you to the world of miracles and frantic energy!

Moulin Rouge National Tour FAQS

What’s the suggested arrival time for the Moulin Rouge performance?

We advise arriving at least one hour before the show begins.

Do children require tickets for admission?

Yes, every attendee, including children, must possess a valid ticket for entry.

What’s the duration of a Moulin Rouge performance?

The show runs for 2 hours and 35 minutes, with an intermission included.

Is the Moulin Rouge suitable for kids?

While it’s a spectacular musical experience, Moulin Rouge does feature mature themes, revealing attire, and adult language, making it suitable for audiences aged 13 and above.

When will the Moulin Rouge be touring the USA?

Tour is scheduled for 2024 and 2025. For precise dates, please consult our website.

Where can I find affordable tickets for Moulin Rouge performances in America?

The best deals on tickets can be found on our official website. Prices vary based on venue and seating. Booking early often yields lower prices.

Can I get a refund for concert tickets?

All ticket sales are final unless otherwise specified. In the event of a postponement or cancellation, your tickets will be automatically valid for the rescheduled date(s).