Moulin Rouge Grand Rapids at the DeVos Performance Hall: Tickets and Musical Dates

In the world-famous Moulin Rouge, every night is not just a performance, it is a real extravaganza of colours, sounds and emotions. Through the screen of this legendary cabaret, sophisticated charm, passion and fun intertwine. And now you can see the Parisian show in different states of the USA!

Moulin Rouge Grand Rapids

The Moulin Rouge Tour is a musical performance across North America, where every step, every dance, every chord of music promises to take you to the world of adventure, to the atmosphere of a magical night where there is no place for boredom and forgetfulness, that will be remembered forever.

Soon, the DeVos Performance Hall in Grand Rapids, MI will be the place of entertainment where dreams and reality will be combined, and magic will become the embodiment of every smile and look. So don’t miss your chance and step into this world with us and feel the real energy of the incredible Moulin Rouge show in the USA, tickets are available on our website!

The Moulin Rouge Tickets GRAND RAPIDS at the DeVos Performance Hall

The 10-time Tony Award-winning tour of Moulin Rouge will be held at the Devos Performance Hall at DeVos Place, Grand Rapids, MI, USA from January 21 – February 2, 2025.

It’s an incredible chance to see an incredibly diverse performance with energetic dancing and a fascinating story, with acrobats and jugglers, with talents that have been in step with the times for many years and are always relevant and welcome to watch.

To become a participant of this fabulous night is possible only if you have a ticket, which we suggest you buy on our website today, because cheap Moulin Rouge tickets are going fast.

Coming soon: The Moulin Rouge tour in Grand Rapids at the DeVos Performance Hall

The DeVos Performance Hall opens its doors to only the best performances and shows, including the Moulin Rouge performance in the near future!
The spacious lobby of the hall with beautiful terrazzo flooring will lead you to the stage, and improved coloured accent lighting will add a touch of elegance to the already sophisticated space.
After the reconstruction, the seats in the theatre became even more comfortable, so there is no need to worry about comfort. New balcony lights were also added, and the balcony facades were redesigned to improve visibility. Toilets on the second and third floors were part of the reconstruction, and The DeVos Performance Hall was ranked 50th in Pollstar magazine’s list of the 100 best theatre venues.
As an audience member, all you need to do is arrive early and enjoy a Moulin Rouge performance at the DeVos Theatre in Grand Rapids.

Moulin Rouge Grand Rapids DeVos Performance Hall

We recommend that you review a few of the rules that apply on the territory of the venue to avoid delay:

  • It is recommended that you arrive at the theatre 60 minutes before the performance.
  • Weapons or drugs of any kind are not permitted on the territory of the theatre and all visitors and their belongings may be searched.
  • A ticket is required to enter the theatre, and polite treatment of other guests is required.
  • The recommended age for children watching the show is 13 years and older.
  • All alcoholic beverages are allowed to be purchased in the DeVos Performance Hall if you have a valid state ID
  • Animals or pets of any kind are not allowed, with the exception of guide animals for guests with disabilities
  • Does not allow bags larger than 12 x 9 x 3 inches, except for those necessary for medical or parental needs.
  • There are drinking fountains throughout the establishment.

How to get to the DeVos Performance Hall on Moulin Rouge show?

The DeVos Performance Hall in Grand Rapids Address: DeVos Performance Hall
303 Monroe Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

The DeVos Performance Hall has a car park conveniently located underneath the conference centre. Access to the car park is at Michigan Street and Lyon Street, but if you are a driver and decide to enter from the west side, you will be disappointed as it is closed. Please take this into account when travelling to the Moulin Rouge show. Other metered parking is also available on the streets outside the conference centre.

Check out the route here to get to DeVos Performance Hall by car.

Use the link to get there:

GVSU buses also offer their services.

If you are staying at Allendale, follow these steps to get to DeVos Performance Hall / DeVos Place Conference Centre:

  1. Take the Laker East Line (route LL ) at Mackinac Hall or Kirkhof Centre on the Allendale campus or at the Pew Campus (stop at Fulton at Mt Vernon, under US-131). Stay on the bus until it reaches downtown Grand Rapids.
  2. Get off at the Laker Line stop in front of the DeVos Place Convention Centre on Monroe Avenue.

Welcome to the venue!

Seating Chart at the DeVos Performance Hall

Are you fascinated by the events at DeVos Performance Hall? Great, the next emotionally impactful performance is waiting for you from January 21 to February 2, 2025. So, you can prepare in advance and buy tickets right now to reserve your seat in the heart of the action!

In our DeVos Performance Hall, you will find a real delight: comfortable seats that are ideal for long performances and concerts in the parterre area, on the balcony, and in the box.

To ensure that you can fully enjoy an unobstructed view of the performance on stage, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the seating chart and choose the best seats in the DeVos Performance Hall!

Of course, for a more intimate viewing experience, take the lower tiers, for a wider view of the stage – the upper tier. So while you still have a choice, take advantage of the opportunity!

Join us to watch the Moulin Rouge and become a part of exciting events that ensure quality and comfort at every stage!

seating chart


What’s the plot of Moulin Rouge?

Moulin Rouge revolves around a story of love and artistry in Paris. Satine, a cabaret star, attracts the attention of Christian, a young writer who falls in love with her beauty and talent. The story of their passionate love unfolds amidst the music and charm of the Moulin Rouge cabaret, but they face challenges that threaten their happiness. The plot also encompasses internal and external conflicts within the cabaret, including business relationships, social norms and the relationships between the various characters. The openness, sensuality and complexity of the characters make Moulin Rouge a fascinating story that leaves a deep impression on the audience.

What time should I arrive for the Moulin Rouge performance at DeVos Performance Hall, located in DeVos Place, Grand Rapids, MI, USA?

It’s recommended to arrive at least one hour before the show starts.

Do children require tickets for admission to Moulin Rouge?

Yes, all attendees, including children, must have a ticket to enter the show.

How long is the Moulin Rouge performance in America?

The show has a duration of 2 hours and 35 minutes, including one intermission.

Is Moulin Rouge suitable for children?

Moulin Rouge is a spectacular musical production featuring mature themes, elaborate costumes, and adult language. It’s recommended for audiences aged 13 and above.

When is Moulin Rouge scheduled at DeVos Place, Grand Rapids, MI, USA?

The performance is scheduled to run from January 21 to February 2, 2025.

Are refunds offered for concert tickets?

All ticket sales are final and non-refundable unless stated otherwise. In the event of rescheduling or postponement, tickets will be automatically transferred to the new date(s).