Step into the spotlight and raise your glass to Moulin Rouge! The Musical, crowned victor of 10 Tony Awards, including the coveted title of Best Musical!

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Venture into a realm of opulence and amour, where excess knows no bounds, and splendor reigns supreme! Baz Luhrmann’s groundbreaking film bursts into vibrant life on stage, reimagined in a whirlwind of musical brilliance. It’s a jubilant ode to Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and, above all else, Love—Moulin Rouge! transcends mere performance to become a captivating state of being.

About Moulin Rouge! The Musical on Broadway

Transport yourself to the Montmartre Quarter of Paris, France, during the turn of the century—a realm of decadent allure and unmatched extravagance, where Bohemians mingle with aristocrats, and every corner teems with life. Moulin Rouge! The Musical spins the fictional tale of an ambitious, lovelorn writer named Christian and the mesmerizing Satine, a siren of the stage. Their fates intertwine within the dazzling confines of the Moulin Rouge, where a cast of vibrant characters awaits: from the enigmatic host Harold Zidler and the brilliant yet destitute artist Toulouse-Lautrec, to Santiago, the most captivating tango dancer and charmer in all of Paris, and the seductive Nini. And looming over them all is The Duke of Monroth, a man of immense wealth and entitlement who believes he can possess anything—perhaps even love itself.

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